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Capitalism is dangerous and makes people suffer according to The Democratic Socialists  of America (DSA) who say they are out to upset the status quo.   National DSA Director Maria Svart sat down with FOX Business Correspondent Adam Shapiro to explain the DSA's short and long-term goals, which some people will find troubling but others embrace. The D-S-A says it has 48,000 members. Their core principle rejects an international economic order sustained by private profit. Asked to explain what that means Svart said, "In the long term we want a society where workers control things." When asked if that meant eliminating private ownership of business Svart responded, "If that's what the voters wanted eventually I think you are talking about a utopian vision which is certainly our vision in the long term but it's not something I anticipate happening anytime soon."  Svart lays bare the ultimate goals of the Democratic Socialists such as limiting the ownership of private property, nationalizing healthcare and pushing the Democratic Party further to the left. Check out these other free FOX News podcasts! Perino & Stirewalt:Apple Podcasts | Google Play | TuneIn | Stitcher The FOX News Rundown:Apple Podcasts | Google Play | TuneIn | Stitcher Greg Gutfeld:Apple Podcasts | TuneIn | Stitcher Gerri Willis Podcast:Apple Podcasts | Google Play | Stitcher Find the complete list of free podcasts here.


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