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The Digital Ecology podcast creates a window into the backstory of technology adoption in the UK’s healthcare system. Through interviews with experts in the field, we shine a light on the inner workings of digital health and uncover a world of complexity and challenge. We are in the foothills of technology adoption, where the hype doesn’t always match the reality.

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In today's episode of Digital Ecology, I chat with James Freed, a seasoned expert in digital health. We kick off by diving into James's eclectic career journey—starting from biochemistry and oncology, pivoting into NHS cancer services, and finally making waves in digital health.

He offers wisdom on the essence of change management and even shares a personal story about how his daughter views failure as growth.

We discuss the technology time warp in the NHS back in 2000 and how this spurred James to make a difference on a national scale. He’s been instrumental in creating the Digital Academy and has done some groundbreaking work at Health Education England.

James delves into the need for a harmonised language and priorities in healthcare, based on the quadruple aim. He also touches on the challenges of recruiting digital talent in healthcare, underscoring the importance of empowerment and continuous learning.

He points out the slow uptake of tech in healthcare compared to other sectors and champions the role of user-centered design in bridging this gap.

As we look towards the future, James talks about the growing demand for digital skills in healthcare, highlighting what this means for staff development and public funding.

We wrap up with a look at the complicated landscape of healthcare policy and why digital competence isn’t just a 'nice to have' for clinical staff—it's essential for patient safety.

Don't miss this candid conversation packed with actionable insights on digital health and change management.


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