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Irvin Baxter

This is a daily show provided by Endtime Ministries and End of the Age.


Prophecies foretell the future Second Coming of Jesus, a resurrection of the dead and an eternal judgment. We will analyze these events in an effort to refocus on the important things and prepare you for your eternal existence on this edition of End of the Age!


  • 2294 - The Second Coming and Eternal Judgment 
    Wed, 19 Jan 2022
  • 2293 - Metaverse in the Book of Revelation 
    Tue, 18 Jan 2022
  • 2292 - Metaverse vs. Reality and Other Precursors to the Mark of the Beast 
    Mon, 17 Jan 2022
  • 2291 - Open Line 452 
    Fri, 14 Jan 2022
  • 2290 - Middle East Peace in 2022? 
    Thu, 13 Jan 2022