Relaxing Harp Music by Cymber Lily Quinn

Relaxing Harp Music by Cymber Lily Quinn by Cymber Lily Quinn

Cymber Lily Quinn

Cymber Lily Quinn is an award-winning professional harpist, who has been featured on National Public Radio and Hawaii Public Radio. She has been named a Celebrity Artist by the National Association of Pen Women, and has been awarded five Big Island Music Awards for New Age Music. Cymber weaves world, classical, jazz & New Age music into pioneering interior journeys for the soul. and Nature into soundscapes of inner peace.In normal times, she is a sought-after Meditation Harpist and Storyteller, bringing peace, harmony, laughter and uplifting tales to audiences small and large, young and old.

Steeped in choral music throughout her childhood, her harp ensemble arrangements show those influences. Melodies and harmonies are tossed back and forth among the harp sections, creating movement in the sound itself. She is currently working on arrangements of “Down in the River” and “Take 5” for the Harp Ensemble.She has produced 3 full-length musically-guided meditation CDs, many singles, many spoken-word guided meditations, and a Chi-Gung exercise DVD. 

In COVID-times, she provides slow expansive music that allows the healing vibrations and frequencies of the harp to deeply cradle and cushion listeners. And throughout the year, Cymber composes and produces new music to honor each season in all its beauty. See you there! 

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In this special episode of Relaxing Harp Music, we celebrate the timeless bond between mothers and their children with a collection of enchanting harp melodies. As Mother's Day approaches, immerse yourself in the soothing sounds of the harp, crafted to evoke feelings of love, gratitude, and serenity.Join us as we journey through a selection of heartwarming compositions, each carefully chosen to reflect the nurturing spirit of motherhood. Whether you're a mother, a child, or simply someone who...


  • 59 - Mother's Day Harp Song 
    Wed, 01 May 2024
  • 58 - Earth Day - Birthday 
    Mon, 22 Apr 2024
  • 57 - Under the Equinox Stars 
    Mon, 18 Mar 2024
  • 56 - My Valentine's Gift to You! 
    Wed, 14 Feb 2024
  • 55 - Mystical Winter Harp Reverie 
    Wed, 31 Jan 2024