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Inspiring Kids' Stories, Extraordinary Children's Science, and Incredible Secrets in one brilliant, fun kids podcast adventure. "An award-winning, life-enhancing, journey into storytelling, music, and the natural world." For ALL ages (mum and dad too!) Join Steve Punt, Elaine and Matthew Sweetapple for an award-winning mix of audio adventure, fun, facts, and wonder. “Magical” THE OBSERVER “Amazing” THE TIMES “Ingenious” THE GUARDIAN “Impressive” WIRED Stories, Science & Secrets tells the story of a boy called Moog and his dog, Rockford, and their journey to a land of extinct creatures. But the show also delves into the true facts behind the story – how nature is inspiring incredible inventions in the real world, about horrid history, awesome engineering, miraculous medicine, and loads more. A positive, life-enhancing, dive into life, music, and the natural world. We’re asking for your help to answer some of the world's biggest mysteries too, all while enjoying a brilliant musical adventure. If you've any questions about our story or any of the science and secrets we talk about, please email us at: (please remember to get your parent's permission first). To find out more about us and our stories visit: KS 2 Lesson Plans covering all syllabus topics are available at: Thanks for listening!

カテゴリー: キッズ/ファミリー


Welcome to our special Festive Episode where you'll discover Christmas Morning (Rockford's Christmas Song) and how it was the beginning of all our stories.

We'll also be meeting Tyrone McDaid from Battersea Dog's and Cat's Home in London, hearing how fireflies are inspiring more sustainable Christmasses, more about Christmas socks, plus a spidery Christmas legend and a strange Christmas dream...

Happy Christmas to you all!

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The Rockford's Rock Opera songs featured in this episode are:

  1. Christmas Morning (Rockford's Christmas Song)

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