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"Speaking of Psychology" is an audio podcast series highlighting some of the latest, most important and relevant psychological research being conducted today. Produced by the American Psychological Association, these podcasts will help listeners apply the science of psychology to their everyday lives.

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A growing number of adults in the U.S. are choosing not to have children. Jenna Watling Neal, PhD, of Michigan State University, talks about her research that’s found 1 in 5 adults are child free, why people are choosing not to have kids, the stigma child-free adults face, whether people who decide not to have kids early in life usually stick with that choice, and how the prevalence of child-free adults in the U.S. compares with other countries.


  • 450 - Choosing to be child free, with Jennifer Watling Neal, PhD 
    Wed, 22 May 2024 - 0h
  • 449 - How to cope with political stress this election season, with Brett Q. Ford, PhD, and Kevin Smith, PhD 
    Wed, 15 May 2024 - 0h
  • 448 - How Sesame Street teaches kids about emotional well-being, with Rosemarie Truglio, PhD 
    Wed, 08 May 2024 - 0h
  • 447 - What déjà vu can teach us about memory, with Chris Moulin, PhD 
    Wed, 01 May 2024 - 0h
  • 446 - The psychology of sports fans, with Daniel Wann, PhD 
    Wed, 24 Apr 2024 - 0h