Whisperings: Solo Piano Radio
David Carnes - My Love Is Like a Red, Red Rose (For Tricia)

My Love Is Like a Red, Red Rose (For Tricia)

David Carnes 23 hours ago
Zachary Bruno - Helping a Friend

Helping a Friend

Zachary Bruno 23 hours ago
Iris Litchfield - To You With Love

To You With Love

Iris Litchfield 23 hours ago
Renee' Michele - Essence


Renee' Michele 23 hours ago
Casey Crosby - Wildflower (Song for Amelie)

Wildflower (Song for Amelie)

Casey Crosby 23 hours ago
Wayne Gratz - At Sunrise

At Sunrise

Wayne Gratz 23 hours ago
Richard P John - November, Pt. 3 (Wandering)

November, Pt. 3 (Wandering)

Richard P John 23 hours ago
Joe Bongiorno - Tears of Joy

Tears of Joy

Joe Bongiorno 23 hours ago
Bob Dahl - Directions


Bob Dahl 23 hours ago
James Michael Stevens - Morning Quietness

Morning Quietness

James Michael Stevens 23 hours ago

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Music to Quiet Your World

Whisperings: Solo Piano Radio is an online radio station exclusively dedicated to piano solos. It was launched in 2003 by David Nevue as a vehicle to promote his own music having found no other radio station willing to showcase it. As soon as the station began live streaming globally, other artists began flooding Nevue with requests to also broadcast their music.

Whisperings is now a global platform where musicians and piano-music lovers could share their passion.

カテゴリー:  Classical

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1. Yukari Wellness - Whisperings

2. Michael Logozar - The Fisherman's Tale

3. Gabrielle Aapri - Fireflies

4. Alessandra Celletti - I Make All Things True

5. Please - If You Want, When You Want, How You Want

6. Brad Jacobsen - Autumn Walk

7. Anastasia - Resilient

8. Christopher Boscole - Variation on Chopin Nocturne

9. Lynn Tredeau - Travel Me Home

10. Piano Mane - Whisperings


1. Yukari Wellness - Whisperings

2. Please - If You Want, When You Want, How You Want

3. So Much More - So Much More

4. Kendra Logozar - Remember

5. Michael Logozar - The Fisherman's Tale

6. Piano Mane - Whisperings

7. Sally Kidwell - Beneath the Veil

8. Dan Chadburn - Whispers the Falling Snow

9. Cathy Oakes - A Tender Soul

10. Gabrielle Aapri - Fireflies


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