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Trump's most vocal Republican critic, Liz Cheney, says she will do whatever it takes to prevent Donald Trump returning to the White House after being ousted in the Wyoming primary by a Trump endorsed candidate. Also: Australia's former Prime Minister, Scott Morrison defends taking on five extra portfolios during the coronavirus pandemic, and why Jews are leaving Russia for Israel.


  • 4373 - Cheney blasts Trump after defeat in Republican primary 
    Wed, 17 Aug 2022
  • 4372 - African leaders welcome Kenya's peaceful election 
    Wed, 17 Aug 2022
  • 4371 - Kenya's opposition leader rejects presidential election result 
    Tue, 16 Aug 2022
  • 4370 - William Ruto wins Kenyan election amid drama 
    Tue, 16 Aug 2022
  • 4369 - Afghanistan: Taliban marks first anniversary of seizing power 
    Mon, 15 Aug 2022